KK 374: Christopher G. Moore – The Corruptionist

Hired by an American businessman, Calvino finds himself caught in the middle of a family conflict over a Chinese corporate takeover. This is no ordinary deal. Calvino and his client are up against powerful forces set to seize much more than a family business. As the bodies accumulate while he navigates Thailand’s business-political landmines, Calvino becomes increasingly entangled in a secret deal made by men who will stop at nothing – and no one – standing in their way. But Calvino refuses to step aside.

Rezensentin: Friederike Brühöfener.

Zu bestellen ist dieser 11. Band der Reihe um Vincent Calvino zunächst nur beim Verlag. ++ Der Unionsverlag verlegt die deutschen Übersetzungen, der erste Band der Reihe heißt Haus der Geister.